blast cabinetHeavy Duty Suction Blast Cabinets are highly efficient, general purpose, industrial usage blast cabinets, designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media.


  • Safety door interlock to prevent the blast system from operating while the door is open.
  • Integral dry cartridge reverse pulse dust collector to keep the cabinet ventilated and visually clear for the operator.
  • Heavy duty wear resistant rubber gloves which protect the operator and provide long wear life.
  • Quick change laminated glass viewing window which requires no tools to replace.
  • Adjustable abrasive feed which allows the system to operate on virtually any abrasive media size and type.
  • Compressed air regulator and gauge to provide for the blasting pressure to be varied for differing applications.
  • High performance Suction Gun to provide faster and more effective cleaning.

Common Applications:

  • De-scale and de-rust metal surfaces.
  • Remove paint and powder coating.
  • De-burr, de-flash and remove sand from castings and mouldings.
  • Provide decorative finishes to stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Etching of glass, stone and metals.
  • Removal of release agents and contamination from moulds.

Commonly Used Abrasives:

  • Steel Grit.
  • Aluminium Oxide.
  • Glass Beads.
  • Garnet.

Optional Items:

  • 200 kg Track & Turntable Trolley Assembly.
  • Fixed Turntable.
  • Foot Pedal Guard.