The ever increasing disposal costs for expendable abrasive favour more than ever the use of reusable blasting media combined with equipment that can effectively remove all types of impurities, fines and dust before reuse.

The use of this type of equipment means not only reduction of disposal costs, but also a reduction in abrasive media costs, not to mention the environmental benefits.

Basic Features:
  • The AeroBLAST multiple type abrasive cleaning units have been designed and built to clean the various reusable dry abrasive types in the market.
  • The standard AeroBLAST cleaning unit is a high production unit with a capacity of up to 30 tonnes/hour total throughput, producing high quality reusable dry abrasive through a system of screening and air wash separation.
  • Easy to operate and features manually adjustable controls for recovery rate and ventilation air flow for the air wash system, to determine the throughput and degree of cleaning/extraction required.
  • Once adjusted to the actual type of abrasive the system requires minimal attention and maintenance.
  • All coarse contaminations such as broken glass, welding rods, rust and paint flakes etc. as well as all fines are removed together with the dust, leaving well cleaned abrasive media for reuse.
  • The AeroBLAST multiple type abrasive cleaning units are ideal for all operations where the dry abrasive media can be recovered after blasting.