Aero Tecnologie 

Thank you for taking the time to read our company’s profile. We sincerely hope that you will understand our company’s scope and products. In recent years, Aero tecnologie has experienced tremendous growth, establishing global management and quality improvement system, based on our mid-and long-term vision of “world top company”.

Aero tecnologie has given considerable contribution on the development of the surface processing industry worldwide. However, we are doing our best to advance toward concentrating on technical priority leading the state of art surface processing and finishing industry.

We promise that we will be the global best enterprise leading the world market in the field of surface processing and finishing, on a sound financial structure and drastic investment in research and development.

Vision Statement

We will be the superior enterprise in near future manufacturing the capital equipment of surface processing where high technologies are integrated by challenging to a new field and creating new values though unceasing technology development and innovation. In addition, we will be the representative enterprise worldwide, being respected from many people, where the excellent talented are gathered, by doing our best for our social responsibility as well as managing the company based on morality.

Mission Statement

Aero Tecnologie strives to become the most widely referred specialist in our field. Our customers will be the most educated, effective and productive blasters & painters in the industry. We provide a challenging, fun and profitable work environment. We make working an inspiring and enjoyable experience! We work to continuously improve the livelihoods of our employee’s. We share and give back to our community by being a profitable and successful business.


We serve the surface preparation, coating, and finishing industries. We mainly focus on providing to our customers optimizing solutions for their blasting and painting processes.

We provide controllable environment where you can optimally do blasting or painting jobs. The process of blasting or painting, well known in the market and has been used for decades, thinking on high ROI for the process is our main concern. We provide a wide range of blasting and painting capital solutions, allowing you to automate your manual processes!

After Sales and Service

The primary task for our after sales and service team is to make sure the availability of maintenance personnel and spare parts upon customer request. In addition, they are roaming all over the world for doing preventive maintenance and advising our customers with the proper practice in keeping the equipment up all the time.

We have logistics partnerships with reputable courier companies for a minimal lead time before you get a spare part which is not available in your region, we also make sure that the most commonly used spare parts are available in your region with a very short delivery time.

We have different means of supporting services; hot line support, preventive maintenance frequent visits, or fly on demand of our maintenance personnel. Training your technicians by Aero Tecnologie personnel on replacing wear parts is a must, and we provide you with all documentation, manuals, and troubleshooting information for down time free operations.